Sunday, April 13, 2014

Superpower you say??

I'm an optimist.  I'm someone who believes good about people ... first, second, and last until proven otherwise. I love whimsical because it makes me smile.  I've always picked out and given the "funny and sweet" cards to people ... yes, I still like to purchase and send cards to people just because I think it might bring a smile to someone's face ... I like to share a smile with people for no reason ... beyond making them think I'm up to no good or that I hold a cherished secret ... I do what I can to bring a smile to anyone I encounter, whether with a smile, a sincere compliment, lending a hand when needed, or giving what I can of myself when I think it might be helpful ... sometimes when it is even not helpful {grin} ...

So for this challenging blog hop, in having to chose a superpower ... I say it is the smile God put in my heart and I joyfully share it with anyone I can.

Recently, a young man at the elementary school I sometimes sub at for noon-duty asked me, "Are you a joke?" ... "What?" said I, having no clue to what this young fourth grader could possibly mean.  He says "You smile all the time .... "  "Well...." at which time I promptly tried very hard to not smile at him and made him laugh.  

I'm told when I was an infant and sick in the hospital for several days, so much so that the doctors told my mother that if I survived, I would more than likely be mentally disabled,
--- Yes, the ruling is still out on that one some 45 years later --
 ... it is said  the whole time I was ill, I had a smile on my face.

In fact, the song I am named after has these words ...
Who's tripping down the streets of the city
Smilin' at everybody she sees
.... "Windy" by the Associations

So today I share with you Smile in My Heart ...

I created this small wall hanging in bright and cheery colors from Deb Strain's Fresh Flowers line of fabric as it brings me joy to add to the smile in my heart ... 

The design of the heart is mine ...
What surrounds it is inspired by
Jenny of Elefanz and Cinderberry Stitches
Check these wonderfully creative ladies out ...
I promise it'll be worth the visit!!

Thank you for allowing me to share what I believe is my superpower ...  Please be sure to visit my fellow bloggers that share their superpowers with us today ...
 as I am sure they will be bringing us lots to smile at!


I give my thank yous to Pauline of Quilt n Queen who has been a super hop leader.  I also thank Madame Samm who devotes so very much of her time and energy to help bring a smile to so many of us with her creativity and inspiration.  And  ...

I thank YOU for stopping in for a visit with me today!!

Me :)

Monday, March 31, 2014

No Foolin' - My Flag is Waving!!

I am so pleased to be part of this hop and ... 
to have been one of the lucky recipients of a flag pole from 
The Flip Flop mini flag holder I received is adorable and most fitting for helping get the mind out of the winter blues and onto the track of thinking that summer will soon be here ... 

Did you also know that Flags on A Stick has partnered with Sew We Quilt to offer all those entering the blog hop an exclusive chance to win your wish list???

When this hop was announced, asking us to make a flag reflecting something we wished to represent ... this is the picture that came to mind ...

Since I have two youngsters still at home, I often take note of these signs.

Well ... with that in mind, I thought of a sign to warn my children, or whoever else may wander by, that I, a quilter, was at play and they should be cautious!!

So, I started by drawing this pattern:

And this is where I ended:

You may recognize the lady from Amy Bradley's Have a Happy Scrappy Day pattern ... yep ... you would be correct.  All the drawings I attempted, kept looking like Amy's, just not nearly as fun looking.  I just knew this was the form I wanted to use and it captures ... to me ... the utter joy of playing with the endless possibilities of quilting. With Amy's permission, I was able to use a portion of her silhouette for my flag ... thank you Amy!!  

I believe I will be making another as this one has been requested as a gift.  I'm pondering making dear lady quilter darker, or perhaps outline her in straight black ??? ...
oh the joys of the possibilities when a Quilter is At Play!

Please visit my fellow bloggers today who are also sharing their flags today:

This fun and creative hop is being hosted by Miss Thearica of Pigtales and Quilts with the guidance of our dear Madame Samm of Sew We Quilt... !!  The full schedule for this hop can be found at Pigtales and Quilts should you get distracted at any time during your hop visits ... you can also link directly to Madame Samm's Flags on a Stick Pinterest Board to quickly see all of our waving flags. 

I give my sincere gratitude to both of you ladies for all of the hard work and meticulous efforts put in behind the scenes to coordinate this hop ... you both are top notch!!

I also give my sincere thanks to and Flags on A Stick for helping us all enjoy our seasonal flags ...

Best wishes to each of you and thank you for coming for a visit!

Monday, March 24, 2014

Waving the Flags on a Stick Hop Schedule!

Flags On A Stick Blog Hop

This fun and creative hop is being hosted by Miss Thearica of Pigtales and Quilts with the guidance of our dear Madame Samm of Sew We Quilt... What fun is in store for us!!  The full schedule for this hop can be found at Pigtales and Quilts should you get distracted at any time during your hop visits ... you can also link directly to the Flags on a Stick Pinterest Board by swinging by Sew We Quilt and clicking the link provided by Madame Samm.

Thank you ladies for all of the hard work and meticulous efforts put in behind the scenes to coordinate this hop ... you both are top notch Cheerleaders!!

Though I am not scheduled until next week, I am so pleased to be part of this hop and to have been one of the lucky recipients of a flag pole from 

If you are looking for high quality flags or accessories at affordable prices then not only provides the most complete selection of flags, they also provide a wide assortment of wall mounting flag kits, telescoping flagpoles, indoor flags and poles, flag cases, pins, patches, windsocks, mailbox wraps and much more!

The Flip Flop mini flag holder I received is adorable and most fitting for helping get the mind out of the winter blues and onto the track of thinking that summer will soon be here ... I can't wait to share it with you all next week.  Until then, this week's fabulous bloggers will be sure to delight you every day!

Thank you FLAG for helping to make this hop possible. Until next week, happy hopping!!

Friday, February 28, 2014

Catching Up....

Since it's been a few weeks since I last visited my own blog, I thought I'd play a little catch up those of you who may be interested with a picture post of what I've been up to.... besides shoveling snow that is {wink}  And since there are more than plenty of pictures of that marvelous white stuff on the social websites these days I will spare you the photos here, except where unavoidable, because, hey ... when taking photos outside, the stuff really is unavoidable!

First up is a finish that started a year ago Christmas for my oldest daughter.  The quilt got stalled when my machine broke down and then life got in the way of completing it until I made a point to put the smile on her face by finishing it....

The next two quilts are custom memory quilts that have been in the making for a few years. The lady who requested these saved her mother's clothing for several years after her mother's passing and brought them to me requesting quilts be made .... long story short, she will have three lone star quilts completed from her mother's clothing when completed...

 These two are the smaller, baby sized quilts ... ready for quilting.  The bulk of these materials are from shirts, skirts, and dresses, and at the direction of the customer, I've added in the solids in an attempt to tie together the materials into a larger piece.  The third lone star is also in completion process and just about ready for quilting, but not ready for photos... 

In the "want" for a gift quilt recently, I cruised the internet in search of jelly roll quilt ideas. Yes, I have books with jelly roll patterns, but I wasn't feeling any of the patterns I had for the purpose I wanted.  So ... inspired by this quilt which I found at PippaPatchwork:

but not locating the pattern in the time frame I created for myself, I decided to give it a go myself and ended up creating this quilt using my Bali pop of Hoffman Pacific blue batiks with some additional fabrics from my stash.... 

It has been quilted and sent on its way. 

I've worked on a few other projects that were mailed away and weren't mine to share and spent a lot of time heating the house with the oven, baking goodies to share with others so I don't consume them all myself.  

I miss my therapeutic bike riding time and dream of a day and place where I might be able to bicycle year-round but for now am grateful for the cheaper therapy of creating and sharing with others ... it does my heart (if not my waistline) good!

I am also trying to prepare for the next hop I am participating in which Thearica is cheering for us called Flags on a Stick .... you can read about it at Sew We Quilt.

Until we next visit, I wish you a happy heart!

Saturday, February 8, 2014

My Word and A Winner ...

From: The Daily Good site
Since the beginning of 2014 I've been pondering what my "word" of the year should be.  I'm sure you all have seen these posts on other bloggers' sites ... a word is chosen to focus on during the year, one to remind you of what you should concentrate on.

Well my word finally came to my mind last night as I pondered what to write for this post. 
I thought of starting a list of all the things I was grateful for, but then every day those things I am grateful for may switch and fluctuate.  Yes, yes ... there are some days I am extremely grateful for some of the same things ... my daughters ... and then an hour later I could be grateful for time away from my daughters ... so my list would be ever changing.  How about just accepting that I live my life being grateful for what I have when I have it?
I believe it's called living with an attitude of gratitude ...

The thing is, if I made a list, there's a chance I'd miss something or someone that I'm grateful for ... the hot water in my shower, the food in my fridge ... the fact that I have food in my fridge, the friends that are there when I need them most, the men and women serving our country,  and well ...each and every day with so very many blessings where does a person start?

Don't get me wrong ~ I'm truly no "Pollyanna" ~ trust me! There are days when I really have to remind myself of all that I should be grateful for.  Again, this makes me grateful for the people and things that bring me back from unpleasantness with the simplest of things ... a message, a picture, a post ... a smile.

Smiles are important!!  
Share one today if you haven't already!!

I will end this post with the announcement of the winner of the She Who Sews basket:

True Random Number Generator  13Powered by RANDOM.ORG
Theresa of Bumbleberry Stitches

I've contacted Theresa via email and haven't yet heard back from her, but hopefully this will be on its way to her soon.  

Sew Necessary from Art to Heart
Clicking on the book should take you to their website.

I give my grateful thanks to everyone who left such appreciative comments and wanted this basket in their own sewing room!!  Remember that if you want to make your own, you can find the pattern in Nancy Halvorsen's book Sew Necessary.

Until next we visit ~ 

Sunday, February 2, 2014

The Door Stopped here ....

When I hear the phrase "don't let the door" ... "stop" is not the first word that comes to mind.  In fact,  in my mind, a few other words follow that phrase and on that track, my mind went from one thought to another and ended up thinking about shoes ...

I know ... right???  

Well ... it all connects in my head ...
that's the story I'm sharing and I'm sticking to it!

So ...  when Madame Samm announced the Don't Let the Door Stop hop, this is where my creative thoughts brought me and this is what I have to share with you today:

You see, for the past several months I've been cruising websites, admiring very feminine, girly-girl, and ... pardon me, but ... sexy ... high heel shoes.  I've even created my very own Pinterest board and put together this tiny collage which I shared with you all in my Grow Your Blog Hop post for inspiration:

Yes, it took me 45 years to actually start thinking about these shoes.  No ... I don't wear these as I don't actually own any ... but seriously ...  they just LOOK so pretty and make you think very girly things.  Well, I think so anyway ...

Without further adieu ... I share with you
The Heel Stops:

Not one or two, but three door stops.
Yep ... counting myself, there are three girls in my house ...
While my daughters are currently too young ... and will be for a VERY long time if I have anything to say about the matter ... I thought it'd be fun to bring in a little bit of the girly-girl to add to the nail polish, lip gloss, jewelry and .... well fun with some high heels.

There's purple with a ribbon bow: 

Red and black with the tailored look of buttons on the toe:

This one was the first I created ... 
The heel on this one is a bit shorter than the others so I tweaked the pattern a smidgen and made the other two to be assured the pattern would be use-able.  I've made this pattern available to anyone who wishes to purchase it at Craftsy ... link here.

Yep, that's right ... I designed this pattern for this hop.  As I said in earlier posts, these hops inspire and challenge me ... and with so much inspiration in this crowd of hoppers, I hope I met the challenge!!  Thank you for the continued inspiration Madame Samm!!

My daughters set up this picture, stating you can see the front, the sides, and the back of the door stops all in one picture and wanted to be sure that I used it here .... 
I think they were right.  Sure, it'd be cool to show you that this four-pound, bird-gravel and rice holder could stop a door, but I think these photos are much more appealing than my floors ... I also have been told this would make a very cool pincushion ... ideas are brewing!!

While the ideas continue to toss in my head, please visit my fellow hoppers today as we know we will be provided with further inspiration and displays of talent:

 February 3rd

Why-Knot-Kwilt -- you are here

I give my thanks to Carla from Creatin' in the Sticks for your marvelous leadership skills in not one, but two, simultaneous hops ... you truly earned your pompoms with this hop!

I also need to add the following for my cute little photo assistant:

Many thanks to my photo assistant for the shots taken for this post ...
no fluff was harmed in the making of this post {wink}

Can you guess I'm gonna have difficulty getting these Heel Stops returned for my use??

Aw, well, I can and will make another ... {wink}

Please remember my giveaway for the She Who Sews basket is open until the end of the day on February 7th .... winner will be contacted via email.  If you haven't commented yet, here's the link so you can.  To all of you that left me such sweet comments on that post ... I've been a bit occupied with this pattern but now that it's complete, I promise I will begin answering your comments!!  
Quilter's Honor!!

I did notice there were a dozen or more no-reply bloggers .... many of whom would like to win the giveaway ... and unless there is an email address or way to be contacted in the profile which I check, I'm so very sorry they will not be hearing from me in either answering comments, or if they win ....
{very sad face!!!}

Bless you for stopping by today and 
I wish you all a very wonderful day!!

Thank you again!!

Friday, January 24, 2014

Grow Your Blog Hop Party

Hello! and welcome to Why-Knot-Kwilt?

For those of you visiting for the first time through 2 Bags Full's
 Grow Your Blog hop party ... I welcome you with a warm heart!  
For those of you returning ... I give you my sincerest thanks!
And most of all ... Vicki of 2 Bags Full ... what an undertaking!
I thank you sincerely!!

Introductions are in order ...

I am Wendy, single mom of two girls under ten years of age, living in Western Montana, USofA.  I have been quilting for just under ten years now ... most projects as gifts for friends, family, and well, give-aways on my blog ....

I was first introduced to quilting by my friend Vicki.  Now, I've been sewing since my very first Holly Hobby sewing machine was given to me when I was 5 or 6 years of age.  My grandmother used to give me fabric for presents and then I inherited her used Singer.  You know, one of those heavy-duty, nothing ever broke models?? Loved it until the day I could no longer replace parts on it.  Loved my grandmother more, of course.  Back on course ... I always said "I'll quilt someday."  Well, someday came when I became pregnant at 36 yrs old and I was sent home on bed rest.  After twenty-some years in the corporate world, what the heck was I gonna do sitting at home all day on bed rest. (Type-A personality here ?!!?!?! :) )  Along comes my friend Vicki.  She quilted for years back east (anything east of the Rockies seems to be 'back east' to my Montana-bearings but Vicki was a legitimate North-Virginian) and Vicki decided she might take on teaching me to quilt.  Upon the death of my dependable, loyal Singer, I got a steal of a deal on a new Bernina Virtuosa on eBay ... heavy duty with lots of stitches I just had to learn how to use (still haven't mastered many of them).  My first quilty-thing was a wall hanging with my first born daughter's name on it pictured below:

Of course, two years later, I made this one when my second daughter was born:

What I find ironic looking back now is that the cool pastels and the vibrant brights of the fabrics so parallel my girls' personalities ... who knew? {grin}  

About the time I was making my youngest daughter's quilt for her first birthday, Fons & Porter had been running a baby quilt contest.  A friend suggested I enter my quilt into this contest.  Newbie to the quilting world that I was, I didn't know any better, so I entered. ... Needless to say, I didn't win the baby quilt contest, but I found out F&P deemed my humble quilt worthy of entry into their Easy Quilts baby quilts magazine issue!
  Holy Cow!!  How cool is that!!  
How could a person not feel they didn't win when this is the result of losing?

Happy Flowers quilt designed by me!

Can you say ..... Holy Cow Poop!  
After a quilting start like this, how could a girl not get hooked??? 

Oh My Goodness?  How do I possibly follow this up?  ...  Well, through the magic of internet broadcasts, youtube videos, blogging tutorials, and many other online sources, I've learned about quilting "rules," quality fabrics, proper tools, and most importantly what it means to follow my instincts no matter what or how much advice others offer.  I love the process of piecing a quilt as much as I now enjoy quilting and completing a quilt.   I like to encourage the same in others ... no matter what, follow your creative instincts, do what feels good to you when you create!

Why I blog ...

When I began my blog in May of 2010, it was at the encouragement of a friend and I have to say she really had to talk me into it.  I knew nothing of blogging nor of the blogging world.  I had heard the word bandied about, but never really investigated what a "blog" was.  Well low and behold, I was introduced to Amy's Creative Side and her marvelous Blogger's Quilt Festival, but, you needed a blog in order to participate. So ... I thought "why not do it?"  Naming the blog took me several more days to ponder.  I'm not clever.  When I try to be funny, I fall flat.  So, then I thought, "Why Knot"?  Hey that works.  Now, look what I've become!!!

Then something happened ... and for me it was magic!  In June of 2011, Madame Samm of Sew We Quilt blessed me with a blog makeover.  I was OVER THE MOON excited!!  Not only about the blog makeover, and don't get me wrong, it was amazing!, but the fact that she picked my humble blog to fancy-up.  Way Cool!

Over that next year and into 2012, my blog friends became my lifeline... life changes happened, and still, this blog of mine kept me grounded in reality, this blog and my blog friends kept me involved, kept me crafting, kept me inspired, and kept me connected. My blog friends are my online quilting circle since I have not been able to participate in one locally over the last few years.  Here I am, in 2014, finally able to start seeing the possibilities of a good life again, and still, my blogging friends are there for me.  Thank you dear friends!

What my blog is about ...

Since my family and most of my friends do not live anywhere near me, I sometimes share tidbits about what is happening with me and my daughters on a small scale, just to let them know we're doing okay.  Mostly, however, my blog is about my creative endeavors and the quilting projects I am currently working on.  Madame Samm of Sew We Quilt ... which again, is my online quilting group ... leads inspired and challenging hops, many of which I join to stay creative and active in my group and blog.  As many of you moms know, you don't get very many opportunities to be told you are doing good, much less encouragement to stay involved and creative in something that makes you happy ... well, this blog and my commitment to it does just that ... it keeps me creating, it keeps me encouraged, and most of all, the comments left by visitors, truly inspires me and they are so very appreciated!!  While I may often extol the need to be kind, I will be the first to laugh at my own mistakes and find that perhaps by sharing my mistakes, you too will laugh with me and feel better about little mistakes you might make.  There are no quilt police on this blog ... if there ever were, well they found reason to run away real fast long ago! I have a seam ripper and I'm not afraid to use it!!! {ha!}  If we can't laugh at being human, well ... what's the point? {grin}

My goals through blogging ....

I have cut back my corporate world schedule to 20-hrs a week so I am more available to meet the needs of my daughters and their school schedules.  This is hard to do, as I am sure many of you totally understand, but it was a choice I had to make and so far do not regret.  I hope to continue to grow my quilting work for others and perhaps one day expand my creativity into more full time than not, but until then, the steady paycheck is a must!  As I wrote earlier, this blog helps keep me connected and inspired.  A few years back I had a long arm Gammill, but events led to me selling it.  I hope to one day soon own another so I may get back to the wonderful art that is long arm quilting.  I currently piece and quilt for customers using my domestic machine, and while that is of course a challenge, every customer is so very appreciated and the payments help keep my household running.  I've developed two patterns for Craftsy and am currently working on a third ... in fact, for one of my upcoming hops, so I hope you come back for another visit ... here's a hint:

If that isn't a teaser, well then, I don't know what to tell you!  I was never really interested in high-heels ... until just recently ... now, well I've become enamored with them and I created this small collage for inspiration.  While I don't yet own a pair like these ... I one day soon hope to treat myself to a pair (though will need a reason and a place to wear them)!! That's all you get .... 

Intrigued?  I hope so as that means you will come back for another visit!
Please do ... I enjoy meeting new people and learning about new places ... which means if you don't get a response to your comment immediately, know that I am off visiting the other 585 participants of the Grow Your Blog hop party !!!

Thank you so much for stopping in and I hope to see you again soon,

Until then, warm hearted wishes,

Wendy of Why-Knot?